Thursday, September 14, 2006

To blur or not to blur?

Is it okay to practice with my contact lenses on or not? Cary told me that Guruji does not want people to wear glasses or contacts, accordingly she advised me to not wear my contacts. I tried few times but I think I don’t like the blur much, especially when dropping back. It gets kind of scary when I cannot clearly see where I am going. Okay I know I am going backwards but still not being able to see it clearly is not comfortable. I asked the new teacher about this in the morning but he response was not tied to any principle. He said he could not tell since he is not wearing contacts but is should be all right since people wear it while doing sports…
Well, if someone knows more about this issue, please share your knowledge with me.


Clare said...

My prescription is -6.50, I have practiced without my lenses but I can't bear it - plus I would worry about not being able to find my glasses afterwards!

I didn't know there was any word from Guruji on this - although in the past my teacher has advised me to not wear my glasses to practice - she said I didn't need to see as I knew the sequence anyway.

I would also be interested in hearing others thoughts on this!

ahu said...

Hey Clare,
I cannot comment on your blog for some reason :((
I wanted to sat that you are so lucky to have the
chance to go to Swenson workshop. I am leaving the UK for good next Tuesday...

Clare said...

I'll check my settings but you may not be able to comment if you try and log in as a blogger (unless you are using Beta Blogger) - I have to post on yours using 'other'. There are some notes about this on the site.

Sorry to hear you'll miss David S - have a safe trip home, I hope you manage to find someone good to keep up your practice with!